Sustainability of PVC Roofing

Solutions Designed to Stand the Tides of Time and Changing Climates

True Seal is sustainable

Shaping A Greener Roofing Industry

At True Seal, our goal is to provide clients who love the environment as much as we do with roofing solutions that can “withstand the test of the times and the tides”.

Our membranes have a net positive impact on the environment in a variety of surprising and exciting ways…


Extraction Rate

There is actually very little waste when our PVC membranes are processed.  As components pass through the system almost 99% of usable material is extracted.  Our flexible UV resistant material lasts for decades making it the perfect material for future roofing products.

Energy Efficiency

Sun's Energy Reflected

The TrueSeal white roofing membrane is a ‘cool roofing’ product which reflects up to 87% of the suns energy.  This simple property translates to incredible energy savings for your building.  Unlike being heated by a traditional black roof, your building becomes naturally cooled by reflecting that energy rather than absorbing it.  In addition, air conditioners on your roof do not have to start their work the with super-heated temperatures found on traditional black roofing systems.  This means the air conditioners can work less often and will less intensity, prolonging their usable lifespan and dramatically reducing your cooling costs.  In this instance White = Savings!

Solar Ready

By partnering with solar energy experts, we integrate our highly reflective membranes with solar projects to make make the solar arrays more efficient.  Since our white membrane is a ‘cool roof’ product it dramatically reduces the temperature of the surrounding solar panels; this allows the panels to produce more kWhrs of energy.  More solar energy means less energy required from non-renewable energy sources.  In this instance White = Energy!


Waste Deferral

Our lightweight membrane system can be installed with various types of insulation at less than 1 pound per square foot.  It has also been designed to go over or to ‘overlay’ existing roofing systems that meet certain criteria.  With this approach your existing roofing system and underlying insulation stays in place rather than being removed to the local landfill as unusable waste.  This reduces project costs, allows existing insulation to continue to serve your building and spares the landfills additional waste.

End of Life

At the end of its lifecycle our membranes can be rolled up, removed from the roof and recycled into a numerous selection of new products.  This is one way we are making a difference in sustainable designs in the roofing industry. By reclaiming roofing membranes we are effectively reducing our carbon footprint while providing sustainable roofing solutions.


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