About True Seal

Cooler Roofs Mean Cooler Planets

About True Seal

At True Seal we believe that whether you are protecting your building or relaxing on your deck you should never have to fear the forces of mother nature.

True Seal has been at the forefront of environment-friendly roofing solutions since our inception.  With the same formulation since 1978 our aim is to provide sustainable roofs that are durable and dependable.

We strongly believe that our membranes are the best choice when it comes to low maintenance, cost effectiveness, durability and sustainability. We remain vigilant in the market in search of new and greener solutions that can enhance our designs.

As a roofing business that has a stake in the environment we make it our personal business to keep future generations safe. That is why we will continue to enhance our products and to ensure they can enjoy the bounties of this world like we do today.

We Work Hard to continue to…

Create systems that can last for decades and remain highly reflective

Invest in green solutions that can stand the test of time and changing climates

Remain in the hearts and minds of our customers

Make our clients our priority

Discover and create innovative designs in sustainable roofing solutions

Create sustainable solutions that can “withstand the test of the times and the tides”

Our Mission

Provide custom solutions to keep the elements at bay so you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve

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Let’s find out how our values align with your company’s needs.